A Message from above

Can you imagine that a loving God, Creator of all things in the heavens and upon the earth would simply cause creation to exist and then walk away leaving the rest to chance? In order to create things one must instruct it to become this or that before it can come into existence. Commanding is a form of communicating with what was created. God said, let there be, and it became as He commanded. It was through communicating that all things came into being. It was the actual start of the creation process.

Imagine if you would the book of Genesis as it describes the days of creation. God said, “let there be,” and all things that were formed came into being as God desired it to be. We can’t imagine the power of a spoken language that can cause something to appear out of nothing. But we are certain that it happened by the fact that it is already here. Without the shadow of a doubt God communicates with us. And He does so continually in order for life and being to continue to exist.

As you are receiving my message surely you are aware that something caused it to come into your presence. I might be the vehicle that was used in this particular incident but just as you are receiving this message trillions of billions of messages are simultaneously going out using billions of trillions of methods. Yet not one thing would be possible without the Source that allows it to exist. It is through all those tools that God uses at His disposal to communicate what is required so we can have life and being. So, does God speak with mortal man? Absolutely yes!

Perhaps a better question is how does God communicate with us? Obviously there are more ways than the grains of sand, but you need not look outside yourself to see God communicating with the members of your own body in order that it sustains life. The very moment God stops communicating with the life sustaining function of your body it ceases to exist. Fortunately God only uses the physical body for a temporary leg of your eternal journey, the rest is absent the body in spirit.

It is atypical of us to want to hear God speak to us in our native tongue in a language that is most familiar to how we perceive things in the natural world. If we were eternally flesh beings that would probably be the best thing to do but since being born into a body of flesh is perhaps the shortest phase of your eternal existence that is not the language God uses to achieve His eternal purposes.

Imagine, the four corners of this world will one day be no more. It will be folded up and cease to exist, but that will not be the end… only the end of times. Eternity has no time… forever never ends. Just a God is the same today as yesterday, and tomorrow, we too are eternal beings going through a stage of our eternal existence. When God communicates with us He does so in our eternal language. But with that said… if you abide in Him, He abides in you.

Therefore you should be able to discern a language that need not words, nor to be spoken by tongue. Be still so you can hear that quiet whisper communicating with you at this very moment. Silence your mind and listen only with your heart. It is not through the ears that God usually speak to us but through the part that was created in His image to be like Him. Be exceedingly glad that God speaks to your immortal spirit, but for now you need to take the time while the Lord can be found so you may draw near to Him. God wants you to know Him and to know God is to love God. Consider this a message from above…