POLITICS & politicians

I think it is safe to say that in our current environment most people do not like politics or politicians. Unfortunately both are necessary in some form because if there were no leaders the world would be filled with chaos. In order for people to live amongst each other they must do so in an orderly manner or there would be constant war. If everyone did their own thing with no regard to the rights or spaces of others imagine how ruthless human beings would treat one another.

Let’s start this discussion with defining the term politics: Politics refers to a set of activities associated with the governance of a country, or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community. –Wikipedia-

In summary politics deals with the governing of a group or area and involves making decisions for the benefit of said group or area. It is because of our basic human nature that we need to be restrained or controlled to a certain degree in the first place. No matter what form of government, someone needs to make decisions that applies to the group in order to live amongst each other. We can disagree with what form of governance that is acceptable for the group but some form is absolutely necessary or there would be constant bloodshed.

That explains why we need politics, now let’s talk about the actual people, politicians. When one human being or group is placed in a position to establish control over other groups of human beings, the character of those in charge would set the tone of leadership. They may lead with a heavy hand or a compassionate heart; they can also be a poor leader with no real skills for the job at hand.

The only way democracy can work is for the chosen leader to be selfless. Their function is to serve the people fairly. If they are biased some of the followers will suffer. We know that you cannot please all the people all the time so understandably some will not get what they want. The hope is that even if you were on the short end, whatever you get would still be at least tolerable. Again, this requires that the chosen leaders be sensitive to the needs of all the people.

A great leader should try to find a way to lead from the bottom upward rather than the top down. In a similar way a great teacher would attempt to teach a class from those who understand the least rather than towards the most intelligent. Ideally a leader should have a heart of compassion and humility. As of late it appears that politicians care less about the people they serve and more about a particular ideology, therefore it creates chaos between their followers (tribe) and others who do not share their ideology.

The main problem we face currently is finding the best candidates with the proper mixture of qualities that would lead people fairly. Unfortunately candidates with high integrity seldom put their names in the race because the world of politics has become such a chaotic environment. Potential candidates with impeccable character would not want to place a stain upon their reputation by entering the field of politics? That leaves a vacancy open for the lesser-qualified candidates who love the game. Consequently the politicians choose are not usually the best representatives from the human spectrum.

Even though we might not like our current politicians or the state of the political theatre, the only way to make a difference is to become involved in the process. Not everyone is qualified or able to be a leader, but at the grassroots level there is so much an ordinary citizen can do to make the world a better place to live. If more citizens would get involved in the process we wouldn’t so reliant upon our leaders to set the tone for the followers. The only way for us to demand more from them is for us (the people) to set the tone from which we wish to be led.

Most of political candidates want you to volunteer to work for their campaign but I would suggest that you volunteer to work for your community, or even the needs of your family. Most politicians seem to care more about their agenda rather than the needs of the people. If we do not speak up then our needs will not be met. Our only hope for real change is to become involved in the process. Find a local grassroots organization that stands for your values and your needs and put your energy behind such a cause.

The reason our system of governance is so dysfunctional is because politicians are leading from the top down rather than at the grassroots level. We are the people that they claim to serve so we need to take back the power from the few and demand that our voices be heard. As it stands currently, only the wealthy and the powerful are being heard. They are not the majority of the people! Folks if you want representation each of us will just have to get involved, otherwise it will be more of the same. The needs of the few will be served at the expense of the suffering of the many. That ought not to be! If we want real change both you and I will have to get involved!

Where are the God-fearing people?

Where are the parents that care about the future of their children?

Where are our military leaders that protect our country?

Where are the young voters whose immediate future is at hand?

Where are the females whose private parts are up for grab?

Where are the rapist and criminals known as Mexicans?

Where are those who claim to represent the rule of law?

Where are the people from shit-hole countries?

Where are the Muslims whose relatives are proposed to be banned entry?

Forget the wimps who stand by their party over the people... we are the PEOPLE!

If DJT is the best we can find to represent us (U.S.)… folks we are in a heap of trouble…