Growing Pains

On a certain day of a certain month in a certain year a beautiful girl was born. She was so special in the eyes of God and her family. God had given her some of His best attributes in hope that one day she would learn to use them to glorify Him. As she grew from a tiny infant into a little girl she was so happy and overjoyed… twinkling like starlight. She dreamed high and lofty dreams about how she could one day make the world a better place for all. So she thought that one day she could become a Princess… or maybe a doctor so she could heal the sick and make them well.

Right about the time when she could attend grade school the complications of life came upon her. Her loving parents decided that they would separate. She tried to hold on to her dreams but life for her was no longer the same. She began to doubt herself and even doubt God because she no longer felt worthy of God’s blessings. She wondered, “Why would a loving God give her so much just to take back things that were so special to her. As she got a little older her body began to blossom and her thoughts began to deepen. Her image of the world was no longer a beautiful Utopian society with everyone loving one another. It was instead a wicked place with all sorts of bad characters.

This once beautiful (princess) lit’l girl lost her way to the point where she no longer felt special or attractive, or even nice. She could not concentrate in her classes so she failed. At that point she no longer wanted to become a doctor because in her opinion the world no longer deserved to be healed. For someone that started out so promising and filled with God’s best offerings, how could things turn so low?

What this once beautiful, would-be princess did not realize was that God causes every seed to be planted in His time and place. He knows full well what each seed needs in order to grow healthy and eventually produce fruit that are very pleasing in His site. The seed of this special little girl needed to fall down in the dirt so the gardener could water it. Its fragile roots were too weak so once the branches spread out they were not strong enough to hold the good fruit that God had reserved for her. The Gardener needed to painfully prune off the weak branches so the strong ones could get healthier and capable of holding God’s best fruit.

Soon the girl became a teenager in high school and things continued to take a downward turn. Adolescence was so difficult that she continued to fall down. The question became, will she accept the Gardener’s pruning and trust that He still loved her? Does she realize that God has great plans for her future? Is she wise enough to learn her lessons so she can get back on track and become someone as special in God’s eyes as He saw in her when He blew the breath of life into her?

Although her future is still out far ahead of her with so many winding roads along the way, something tells me that this sweet girl, born with God’s special gifts will not only get back up but she will get stronger and stronger and learn to not only believe in herself but believe in her God. One day she will realize that He is still watching over her and He continues to unfold all the gifts that He bestowed upon her before she was even born.

God has a plan for each of His children. And He watches over them through all the twists and turns of life. He is forever making them stronger and capable of producing much good fruit in order to serve the needs of others. We all fall down from time to time but the most important thing to learn is how to get back up once you have fallen down. Trust in God Almighty!

A vignette to my granddaughter, Love, Pawpaw!