My Testimonial

Years ago I wrote my first book called In Search of The Soul. It wasn’t originally intended to become a book but a personal journal to record my soul search. Something was compelling me to dig deeper so I started by reading all sorts of spiritual material in hopes of identifying my soul. Even though my family taught me about God, there was no personal connection that felt tangible. The Bible taught us about God, about Christ, and even the Holy Spirit but my understanding was only superficial and analytical in nature. I wanted something more intimate than mere words or intellectual knowledge.

That was over twenty years ago and the search is still ongoing. Today I feel a connection between my soul and the Spirit that IS God. A personal relationship was formed that was not based upon parental teachings, but upon accumulated knowledge and personal life experiences. My faith needed to be tested by life itself. My relationship with God has grown by following the instructions of Christ. He said; seek and you will find, ask and it will be answered, and knock and the doors will be opened to you. Once I was willing to make God my priority then things began to open for me in a way that was more personal.

There are many people who learn about God through the usual methods but not all care to establish a personal relationship with Him. It is said that God created mankind specifically for relationship purposes. He wanted to shower His infinite love and affections upon others. If this was indeed what God created us for then what could possibly block us from achieving what our Creator wants? You would think the Creator of all things would not be denied anything His desires?

True! God could force us to submit to Him by using His unlimited power, but commanding someone to love another would not be genuine love. It would be servitude to make us submit under His almighty power, not love. God’s highest quality is that of pure love. He so loved us that He was willing to give us free will in order that we might select to or not to love Him.

What I sensed years ago was God reaching out to my soul urging me to find Him. I did not know where or how to start so I began digging and scratching at knowledge trying to gain understanding. Once my mind was ready to receive Him a door was jarred but still I had to prove to myself that I was willing to do things God’s way so the doors could open widely. The main thing required was a humbled heart so God could more clearly connect with me. I would read and pray often, petitioning God to show me something. I think I was expecting a burning bush or a glowing light to appear as a sign to let me know that I was on the right track but neither happened. That is not how God works.

Ultimately I learned that God wanted me to believe in Him by faith and not by sight. However He did not leave me alone without a Helper. Over time my faith grew stronger and my request seemed to be answered more frequently because I was finally willing to let go and allow God to do what was best for me. I sought the will of God rather than expecting something to magically appear and answer my personal needs. The more I was willing to surrender to God’s will the more my personal relationship began to strengthen.

I have studied the scriptures enough that I feel very comfortable with the Word. At times it appears that God speaks directly with me through His Word answering my prayers. That quiet whisper seems to be getting louder and more frequent. I may not be where I would like to be at this stage of life but I feel much better about our personal relationship. You might say, I found my soul and it knows God. It is from God so once awakened, the soul will lead us back home.

It is our divine mission to seek the soul. Ask God to awaken the spirit that He blew into you at birth. It lies dormant awaiting activation. Only the Maker has the key to awaken what belongs to Him alone so don’t think it is something that you have the power to turn on or off by your will power. The same God created us all. It was for the purposes of having a personal relationship. Nonetheless we are free to draw Him near or push Him away. If you desire Him… that desire must come from your heart. It must be something that you want to achieve and not something that you do just because someone told you so. God wants a personal relationship with each one He made. When you are ready for Him He’s already waiting for you. Seek your soul while it can be found. This is my testimony…