Good News Ain’t Good for Business

Our society is so media driven that things are rated by how popular it is. If something does not have the WOW factor most of us tend to ignore it. The entire media industry is driven by a rating system with bad news usually driving the highest ratings. If we are allowing negative influences to dominate our lives that should tell us something. We are what we consume. If your primary diet consists of unhealthy foods you eventually become an unhealthy person. The opposite is true as well. Similarly if we often allow our lives to be driven by bad news that stuff get into our subconscious minds. Eventually it becomes what we expect.

Even though I tend to write (blog) about our negative human qualities, I must be aware that I am feeding you negativity to the point that it might turn you off. Although my intentions are to expose an illness so we can find a cure, at one point I could become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Wouldn’t it be better if I would write about things that promoted hope and goodwill to my fellow man? Yes, technically that would be the right thing to do but for some reason, good news is not usually good for business. It doesn’t promote the WOW factor so people tend to ignore it.

I’m just as guilty as anyone because at my age I have been indoctrinated for a longer period of time than young people. In essence, I am full of - - it. It’s not what I would have preferred but I am a product of what I have been fed for nearly 70 years. My challenge is to go on a diet that abstains from bad news and instead seek wholesome and healthy news to feast upon. Rather than continuing to point out our more negative characteristics I would rather focus upon our more positive features. Really!

I just saw a news feed about a billionaire that paid off the student loans for an entire graduating class at one of our historical black colleges. Information like this is uplifting and makes you proud to know that in spite of what we think of rich people, this one makes our heart smile. I am also aware that Bill and Melinda Gates donate millions to people in need on a regular basis. But such news does not have the WOW factor. There are other very successful artists, entertainers; sports figures and the like that secretly do what they can to uplift others. Fortunately they would rather keep their good deeds private so they do not become the focus of the news but rather keep the attention on the needs caused by the huge disparity within our society.

There was a high school student that threw himself at a shooter giving up his life so his fellow schoolmates could escape to safety. Firemen and Policemen do heroic stuff like that all the time because that is their job but how much kudos do they receive from the public. When a rogue cop harm or kill a citizen that would certainly make the headlines but it also paints an unfair image of the entire police department. They all receive the flack because of the acts of a few bad characters? However, with that said, a lot of things need to change about how the law has been unequally administered to people of color. If America is to be great it must be great for everyone alike, freedom and justice for all, not just the few of privilege.

Good news and acts of kindness could become contagious but our media outlets don’t think it profitable enough. Good news is just not good for business. When you think about it they only give us what we want to receive so ultimately we encourage them to feed us stuff that make us go, WOW! Wouldn’t it be nice if they would find a mixture of good news features that really uplifted our spirits along with that other stuff? It’s like preparing a plate of food to eat. You might have some really tough meat, some nice and fluffy starches, some healthy veggies and something really sweet things that make our taste buds go WOW!

It might be over optimistic to expect the media to make a very drastic change overnight, but if they would just slowly give us a tad more good news with the bad stuff it would certainly make us feel a hell of a lot better about our fellow man. Good news could be good for us if we were in the business of helping people.