The Power of Deception

As I look back over time it is truly amazing how most of us are so easily deceived by a “good sounding argument” that we hear or see. I grew up with television. This is a very powerful medium that broadcast product, thoughts, opinions and ideas to the public. We spend countless hours consuming what it offers.

When people are ill informed or uneducated they tend to accept a lot of things they hear and see, especially when it is packaged specifically for consumer consumption. My parents grew up with radio so their receptivity was a bit more limited because they had to use their imagination to interpret what they heard. Radio shows would air dramatizations that people would gather around to be mesmerized. It could have been a comedy show, drama, or a scary tale but it captivated the audience.

When television came along the attraction was even greater because not only could you hear the broadcast you could also see the characters made up to look real. In this manner promoters took away the consumers imagination and essentially told them what to believe and what to accept as true. They systematically wrote the words they wanted you to hear and showed you an image that looked very pleasing and acceptable to get you to accept what they were offering.

Imagine… most people alive today have been indoctrinated to accept media programming designed to make them consume what is offered. Currently we have huge conglomerates that have the ability to reach directly into our lives 24/7 and sell us goods that we readily consume with little resistance. They can sell us almost anything because we have been indoctrinated to accepting a bunch of well-packaged lies.

I remember watching television shows as a child about cowboys and Indians. The wild savages were out to hurt the white people, but the heroes were the white sheriffs or the US Government troops that killed the Indians. We actually cheered for the heroes (predominately white people) because that is how the show was packaged for you. I also remember watching the show, Tarzan about a lone white man raised in the African jungle by chimpanzees. He was superior to all the ignorant black tribes and jungle animals. We cheered for Tarzan as the great white hope who swung on vines coming to save the day.

For more than a century the American public has been indoctrinated as to what to believe, whom to trust, and more importantly who were the good guys and who were the bad ones. Most of this was a lie but what does truth have to do with it. It was a very carefully planned scheme to get people to respond in a predictable manner. This has been going on for several generations now so you might find yourself duplicating what your parents purchased or believed years ago.

With all the new advances in technology today imagine all the crap we are being sold? We have already been programmed in whom we should trust or despise? If you do not personally seek facts and truth imagine how many lies you are falling for on a daily basis? I also remember when religious TV programs became popular. They taught viewers how and what to worship, and who were the real believers. They would also sell you a prayer cloth or holy water for a modest donation to their ministry. Its one thing to sell you consumer products but to mess with your head about God is really a low blow.

People who live in countries controlled by dictators are told what to do and when they can do it. They don’t have the freedoms that we assume we have. Imagine if one of our adversaries wanted to infiltrate our way of life? Having studied us they know that most Americans tend to believe what they see and hear without challenge. By infiltrating our media outlets look at what the Russians did to come right into our homes and sell us “good sounding arguments” that we long to hear. They knew that they could package a bundle of goods to make us feel like we are gaining something, but instead we were falling into a well-designed bear trap. Americans have already been prepped (indoctrinated) like fatter hogs for the kill.

Are we really that stupid or that gullible? I don’t think people realize that they are being bamboozled? If it looks good, and sounds good… and it appears to come from a reliable source, what’s not to believe! Presently we are the biggest marks to anyone who have studied our culture. Countries run by dictators know exactly how to program people to do exactly what they want them to do. It’s deception but when you’ve been indoctrinated for so long you don’t even know that you are the mark.

America had better wake up because foreign powers have studied us for years and they know just how gullible we are. They watch our infighting over the airways and know that we are like lambs headed for the slaughter. We will fall for a wooden nickel as long as it looks like the real thing. The power of deception is a very powerful tool used by the enemy of the people both foreign and domestic… and those of this realm or the next. Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Selah!