How Low Can We Go

Looking at the public discourse one wonder’s, just how low are we willing to go just to get a win? I’m am not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination but at my heart of hearts I do not want to see others suffer, not even if it cost me gain. Yes I prefer to win but winning at the expense of knowingly hurting others is not human decency. Look at the public discourse here and now.

In California we get heavy smog that you can literally see stuff in the air darkening our view out in the distance. We also have heavy fog that rolls in from the ocean where literally you can’t see a few feet in front of where you stand. If we could see the public discourse with our eyes the air would be so thick that you wouldn’t be able to see very far in the distance. So many people have so many issues even to the point that they are unwilling to give an inch. Not only do they want to win they want others to loose. That is just not human decency. Even though we cannot place the blame on just one person or one party or one group of people, each of us probably need to accept a piece of the blame in order to start correcting things.

I probably watch too much news stations but every day there are so many horrible things that happen that are just appalling. How often do have a report of a lone gunman attacking innocent people either on a school campus or worksite or at a public facility? How often do we witness road rage? How mean is the discourse on political blog posts? How deep is the divide between political parties, races, religious, countries and the like? Life has not always been this visceral. Even though people genuinely do not like others who are different they used to keep it private until something created a spark that ignited a conflict. But in this public discourse people no longer hold their animus but instead are willing to throw the baby away with the bathwater.

The answer to my question is that we will continue to go lower and lower until people of good faith are willing to say “that’s enough!” Just because others are willing to express really poor behavior that doesn’t mean that its okay. We are better than that as decent human beings but it is like poison in the air causing us to loose sight of who we are. The fact that we are different is not excuse to cause harm to each other. The fact that we would like to gain does not mean that we should cause others to loose. God expects more of us than our willingness to participate in evil behaviors. It you are a godly person you need to be an agent promoting harmony and goodwill to others even if it means that you do not win at their expense. You should be the one that attempts to create a win/win situation whenever possible and make that your preference.

The really horrible factor I am witnessing currently is the very mean discourse coming from our leaders, the public officials we elected to lead us. When the highest office of our land readily and consistently practices division, then what do you expect of the followers? The body usually follows the head. We will continue to sink lower and lower until one side say; “that’s enough!” If you wish to be selfish mean spirited wanting things your way, then go ahead but you will have to do so without my participation. I refuse to stoop down to that ungodly position. If more people that call themselves godly would take such a stand then we would start rising rather than continually falling lower and lower.

Michele Obama said, “When they go low we go high.” That is really good advice but you decide, are you the low one or are you one reaching high!